You can choose from a varied selection of dance performances in high-end costumes, to our own music, suitable for both public and private events (balls, parties, celebrations, presentations, meetings etc.).
Optional oriental dance crash-course showcase.


Possibility to hire a group of up to 10 dancers

The length of a performance, style and price will be composed according to your requirements.

The number of dancers and type of performance will be adjusted to the spacial possibilities of your venue.

Performances must be booked well in advance.


The following dance styles are on offer:
– classic oriental dance “raks sharki”
-Dance with a veil or isis wings (very spectacular, requires space)
-Folkloric styles of oriental dance: Saidi (cane dance), Ghawazee, Hagala.
-drum solo (Arabic drums)
-dance with candles, Shamadan (chandelier), fire fans
-fire dance show
-dance with fan veils
-modern orient
-Spanish Arabian mix
-Bollywood – contemporary dance known from Indian movies
-Hawaii, Tahiti
-Gypsy dance
-Tribal style
-drum show (to accompany the dancers or solo drum performance)
-fusion (a mix of dance styles)
-Choreography custom created to your event