Poi Dance

Poi Dance

Circles are symbols of infinity. Controlled by the own movement of the body a multitude of shapes are being created in space, rythmically and dynamically changing, just as man himself is changing. Together they form a play of rythm and life, the Poi. (Richard Bruna)

Poi originates from New Zealands’ native people, the Maori.

What we call Poi is a set of balls which are hung on a cord and held thanks to a loop for the dancers hand to control them.
It is the art of controlling an object, enriched by dancing. Three movements work in conjunction: The body, the hand and the Poi
Similar to dance without accessories, there is a certain rythm at play. It brings great relief to the mind and calms the psyche. By rotating the poi we develop observation, coordination, reflexes, flexibility and orientation in space. It’s about learning to be a stable, balanced personality.

Spinning the poi quickly naturally relaxes the whole body.

There is no precise description of the steps on how to spin the balls, we just follow some basic principles.

Dancing with the Poi does not have any boundaries. Each dancer will find their own way to express their movements to the beat.